Patreon - an online membership portal

Since 2021, Sarah has been live-streaming and uploading her yoga, meditation and breath work classes onto her online membership portal, Patreon. 
For $20/month, you will receive the following;
* 8+ yoga classes per month ( live-streamed and recorded to watch after)
* 2, 45 minute guided meditations with Alchemy Bowls per month
* 4, 20 minute breath work and grounding meditations per month
* Access to the library of all recorded classes (there's a lot to choose from!) 
* Sarah also shares music, meditations and other information that she deems helpful in her own personal practice
For more details on the yoga classes, Sarah teaches a Vinyasa Flow class every Thursday at noon(MST) that is live-streamed and recorded. This class is physically demanding with a different focus each week and with options for more advanced poses. On Saturday at 9am (MST), a Hatha Flow class is live-streamed and recorded. This class is more foundational and slower, but still asking the body to be engaged and the mind to be present.  There are ALWAYS modifications given to make the classes accessible for people of all ages and body types. 
If you are interested in signing up, please click HERE. If you have more questions that were not answered her, please message Sarah HERE.