Not Alone Program
Not Alone Program

Not Alone Program

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 If you are on a mission to learn more about yourself, Sarah and Caitlin's offerings are for you. The information you receive to support your own healing is profound. Caitlin and Sarah's creative and unique collaboration is a beautiful compilation of their gifts and not to be missed. If you feel drawn to sign up, consider gifting yourself an enriching experience. It is a remarkable opportunity to see yourself in a new way.

- Carolyn Dempsey

A new 'Not Alone' Online Program will begin on Tuesday, May 2nd. The class will continue for all Tuesday's of the month except for the 16th.

Caitlin Montgomery and Sarah Clark come together to use their gifts to provide support for others as they deepen their self awareness and knowledge during these transformative times. 

What you will receive;

  • An astrology reading that includes context of current transits. Your birth chart is your soul blueprint. The alignments of the planets as they travel through the sky in relation to your chart awaken current energies, as an invitation to integrate and step into all the parts of the self. The reading will bring awareness to your life themes, as well as the cycles and themes currently arising. (This is a transformational time astrologically, both individually and as a collective)
  • A soul reading and visual meditation that highlights current limitations that are ready to be released. Sarah will use her intuitive gift of seeing beyond boundaries of time/space and connect with your soul and healing team to bring awareness to what is ready to be released. The gift that comes with this newfound awareness is also antidote to the limitation, a suggested way to move forward 
  • Post reading personalized support with clarity in group and individual support with integration
  • A one-one wall call with Sarah and Caitlin to answer any questions that come from either or both readings
  • A 20 minute breath work and guided meditation together while on zoom
  • Weekly current astrology teaching and insight into how it relates to your own chart
  • Weekly support in community where we meet online

Please book by Sunday, April 30th.

We have two options for pricing - $111 does not include a personal reading from Caitlin and Sarah and the $444 option does.

Watch a video that gives you more of an idea of what we are offering.....