Intuitive Soul Portrait Session
Intuitive Soul Portrait Session

Intuitive Soul Portrait Session

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Since 2018, Sarah has been offering these sessions. Since the conception of the idea, she has periodically changed her method of this offering over the years. If you have previously received a soul portrait, know this new style will be different than before.

In this session you will receive an Akashic Record Reading that is done remotely and recorded for you to experience prior to the one-on-one session.

The 'one-on-one' portion of the session is done via zoom or in-person in Cochrane, Alberta. It is during this time that Sarah will create a painting including your portrait combined with aspects that help to tell the story of your Soul in a visual way.

The in-person commitment is roughly 2 hours in duration and at the end of it, you will have an 11"x14" painting encapsulating the memory of the time and energy spent as Sarah see's you in a meaningful way.

Through conversation and focus on the subjects revealed through journeying in the records of your Akash, we are able to surpass the illusions and perceptions of life that is happening to you, and into the meaning of what is truly happening for you. 

Sarah acts like a bridge as she delivers information from the unseen realms of the Higher Self or Soul and into the present human, conscious self. The purpose of doing this is to assist humanity, through the gifts of creativity, by accessing higher states of  consciousness that surpass illusions and limitations composed by the human experience. A possible side effect is the reveal and access to One's unique superpower beyond the illusions that creates confusion and separation.

Book a session by paying for the session (booking fee or total amount) and then sending Sarah a message HERE.