Mosaic Series - Oshi Anna

Mosaic Series - Oshi Anna

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She skips on the surface and when she is close to water, she can be at ease, for water is her medicine.

A level of happiness in her heart opens the gates to another dimension. It is here that she can feel others watching, dancing and even singing. For now, she leans in for a look… a glimpse at something so magical with no words and only knowing… they tell her...

“Beautiful Angel, you are safe and we are always with you. Remember that you are not just a drop in the ocean… You are the entire ocean in a single drop.”

MEDIUM: Original Mosaic created with Graphic Design using Sarah’s Photos, then covered in Acrylic Based Paint with Frame - SOLD

 *All prints can be done custom to fit any size on canvas or paper, framed or not framed.